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There's a new app on the market that allows Kiwi drivers to compete with friends, family, colleagues, and other motorists for the title of safest driver.

Drivers have admitted internet banking, writing Facebook posts and even playing games on their smartphones while behind the wheel.  But a new campaign has been designed to reduce these potentially dangerous habits.

After a spate of accidents involving foreign drivers, the driving abilities of tourists are in the spotlight. But how good are Kiwi drivers? The Press sent two reporters, Martin van Beynen and Brittany Mann, to do a mock driving test to see how good their road behaviour and skills were.

The drink driving limit for people over 20 dropped from 80 milligrams of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood to 50mg per 100ml last December.

Safety fears over tourist drivers on New Zealand roads became so heated this summer that even Prime Minister John Key got involved, urging calm after people started taking car keys from overseas drivers to keep them off the roads. But what do the statistics tell us?

The 2015 model Chevrolet Silverado is designed to save time and cost if the truck ever needs collision repair, according to General Motors.

General Motors’ engineers have incorporated several features that allow technicians to more efficiently repair collision damage. These features include:

Vehicles used to give some sort of feedback or warning signals to the driver when it was time for a tune up or general service but with new cars, that's no longer the case. So if owners have a "if it ain't broke, then why fix it" mentality, it can mean those regular maintenance jobs get missed - like changing brake fluid.

The Ministry of Transport is looking at road quality, driver education, and information available to tourists, after a series of high profile crashes involving tourists.

Almost 7 per cent of children under 5 are not properly restrained in cars, a survey shows, and police say more could be done to ensure children are safe.

Summer is the time of year when tractors and combine harvesters are common on rural roads and courtesy must extend both ways when roads are being shared with other motorists.

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