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The 2015 model Chevrolet Silverado is designed to save time and cost if the truck ever needs collision repair, according to General Motors.

General Motors’ engineers have incorporated several features that allow technicians to more efficiently repair collision damage. These features include:

  • Front Frame Rail Section – meaning technicians may be able to repair a section of the truck’s frame instead of replacing the entire chassis.
  • Structural Front Fenders – the front fenders incorporate both outer sheet metal and the supporting inner structure, allowing simple unbolting of the entire assembly.
  • Bond-On Body Panel Procedures – ultra-strong structural adhesive can be used to bond the panels onto the vehicle, to avoid welding and possible corrosion issues later while speeding the repair.
  • Pre-prepared roof panels – Technicians can get replacement panels that are essentially plug-and-play, thanks to pre-installed studs and pre-drilled holes for accessories.
  • One-Piece Body Side Outers – If damage occurs to the outer panels of the cab, technicians can order a complete body side outer, shipped as a single, complete assembly.
  • Flexible Bed Repair Options – Depending on the damage, the outer bedside or the bedside assembly can be replaced from the bed floor out, avoiding owners having to purchase a new box

Source: TruckingInfo.com

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