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A driver on Brisbane's Centenary Motorway veers across the highway and collides with a road barrier after allegedly falling asleep.

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The incident was in Brisbane and a following motorist captures the moment a driver veers across highway lanes and crashes into the median barrier which prevented the car from crashing head-on into traffic in the on-coming lanes. The driver had reportedly fallen asleep at the wheel.

Another in China clearly illustrate how easy a crash can occur when a driver is tired.

The footage is in car in China's Jiangxi Province on October 6 and features the vehicle scraping past the railing on the side of the motorway before sliding down the road out of control. It then flies off the road and ends up upside down in a ditch. Two passengers reportedly had minor injuries while the driver was said to be tired and distracted before the smash.

Dashcam footage of crashes rams home the dangers of driving while fatigued.

Driving while fatigued has been in the news in New Zealand recently with police linking it to the death of three Australians in a crash in Huntly in September.

The New Zealand Transport Agency says that people often think that driver fatigue means falling asleep at the wheel. Falling asleep, however, is an extreme form of fatigue.

Fatigue is tiredness, weariness or exhaustion. You can be fatigued enough for it to impair your driving long before you "nod off" at the wheel. When you are fatigued your reactions are much slower, your ability to concentrate is reduced and it takes longer to interpret and understand the traffic situation.

NZTA figures show that in 2014, fatigue was a contributing factor in 31 fatal crashes (13 per cent of all road crashes), 106 (6 per cent) serious injury crashes and 400 (5 per cent) minor injury crashes.

Source: Stuff.co.nz

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