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In a freak accident, a pole carrying high voltage power lines fell on the car of an 89-year-old war veteran in Paihia, who thought he and his wife were about to be fried.

His car was scorched from end to end, but the couple emerged unharmed after Mr Sisley kept driving his car until he was free of the lines.

"My wife got a hell of a fright. She to wanted to get out of the car, but I said 'no way'."

His car was "well and truly cooked". It was scorched from one end to the other and "stank to high heaven". The cable had also punched holes in the roof.

It was only the rubber tyres that saved them, Mr Sisley said.

Top Energy spokeswoman Philippa White said Mr Sisley and his wife did the right thing.

"Don't get out of your car and drive to safety if you're in a position to do so, as this man has done. We appreciate it would have been a frightening situation but he did exactly the right thing."

She urged people to treat all power lines as live at all times.

Source: NZHerald

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