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New Zealand needs to crack down on those using international licences in the country, because a third or more of them have never sat a test, a road safety campaigner says.

Writer and author of the Dog and Lemon car guide Clive Matthew-Wilson told TVNZ's Breakfast programme that he had evidence which shows international licences to be a trouble spot, with drivers coming here from third-world countries often paying for fakes.

"Tens of thousands of people [are] driving around in New Zealand on international drivers licences and you can do that up to a year," he said.

"The evidence suggests - and I'm quite happy to produce it - that probably a third or more of those if they come from some third world countries - are actually fake licences. They've never sat a test."

His comments come after ONE News revealed an investigation is taking place into an alleged cash-for-licences scam in Auckland. A border alert has been issued for Lovepreet Brar, who is accused of selling people fake licenses at the Botany AA branch, and he has been suspended from his position.

"What this is effectively doing is allowing people to go on the road possibly without any formal training whatsoever. "

He said those purchasing licences weren't interested in being safe drivers and simply saw getting a licence as another box to tick to keep authorities off their back.

In terms of the investigation, Mr Matthew-Wilson said a thorough investigation by authorities would no doubt cool down the issue for a while, but they needed to look at international licences more closely.

Source: TVNZ

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