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The mystery of a seemingly abandoned car on the North Shore continues. The car, which was parked on Peach Rd in Glenfield on Auckland's North Shore for two months, has mysteriously moved to another location just 500 metres away.

It was initially parked up on September 4, and despite being parked on faded yellow lines, facing the wrong way on the road, having no registration and having a broken bumper, Auckland Transport (AT) refused to move it.

An Auckland Transport spokesman said the vehicle is warranted until January 2016 - and if a vehicle is warranted then it is not classed as abandoned.

But after the vehicle featured in Fairfax stories online and in print it has been moved to Powrie St in Glenfield – again parked facing in the wrong direction to the flow of traffic.

While it is no longer parked on yellow lines or within 1 metre of a driveway at its new location, it still has no registration and a broken bumper. The vehicle has been issued with warning notices and infringements for no current registration and being parked facing in the wrong direction to the flow of traffic.

A letter was sent to the last registered owner with no response to date. Glenfield Police says the car is not wanted by police and has been checked a number of times by police staff.

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