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If you're heading out of town with your family, it helps to have some survival tricks to keep the kids under control.

Window art - Drawing is fun, especially when you get to draw somewhere you're not supposed to. Washable markers and glass cleaning wipes are all you need for this activity. Kids can doodle whatever they like on the window, and simply wipe it off when done.

I went to the shops... Begin this activity by saying, "I went to the shops and bought an...(something beginning with 'A')" The next player repeats what you said and adds something beginning with 'B' and so on until someone forgets an item.

Bingo! This one takes a bit of prep work. Before your trip, draw grids on some paper or cardboard. In each square, draw items you're likely to come across on your trip - a stop sign, a sheep, the golden arches of McDonald's, etc. Mark an "X" over the item once it's been seen. The first to get a full row, and shouts "Bingo!" wins.

The bribe box. Stock up on bubbles, stickers, crayons and cars at the $2 shop. Wrap each item individually and put them in a box. Your child can choose one goodie at a time, if they behave.

Don't forget the lyrics. Load your iPod with songs the family knows and loves. Hit pause at random and whoever can sing the next line without a flaw, wins that round.

Source and for more tips: NZ Herald

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