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Police are investigating a driver who was filmed overtaking a car at a blind corner in West Auckland.

A dashcam video captured the driver passing a car before crossing the centre line as he approached the next blind corner in Huia, on November 10.

Waitemat� road policing manager Inspector Trevor Beggs said police would investigate the incident.

The driver posed a serious risk to themselves and to oncoming traffic, Beggs said.

"We are concerned by the actions of this driver who is undertaking dangerous manoeuvres and breaching road rules by crossing the centre line."

Police urged anyone who witnessed dangerous driving to report the incident by calling *555.

Huia resident Mike, who we have chosen not to name, posted the dashcam footage to the Shocking Auckland Drivers Facebook page. "Everything was just normal and then this guy decided to overtake at the last minute coming up the hill," he said.

"He sped off after that. There was no sign prior that he really wanted to get past me or anything. He just left it to the last minute."

While Mike said the driver's actions were disappointing, it was typical of drivers on those roads.

"I've seen more than enough of it happening. I just wanted to do something about it because it's happened multiple times. "People just overtake you without looking at what's coming up up ahead or because they think they know the road better than you.

Mike said he was waiting for an accident to happen.

He often saw ducklings crossing the road, children waiting at bus stops and trucks coming around blind corners.

"A lot of people are going too fast on the corners out there and not knowing what they're doing and going over the centre line."

Source: www.stuff.co.nz

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