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There are many things that can distract an unwary driver. Ministry of Transport figures on the number of crashes involving drivers whose attention had been diverted from the road ahead show that phone use is a factor, but not the only one.

The Ministry of Transport said talking to passengers, eating and drinking, reaching or searching for objects in the vehicle were also among the distractions that can be hazardous for drivers.

Here is a list to help reduce the risk of losing concentration.

  1. If something has moved and is annoying you, or needs adjusting pull over and sort it out – don't try and do it while you are driving
  2. Secure your car mats: Make sure they don't get in the way under the pedals or tangled around your feet.
  3. Check and adjust your seat position to make sure it is correct for you
  4. Check your side and rear view mirrors and that you can see clearly
  5. Tune your audio system
  6. Set your GPS destination
  7. Secure any gear, bags etc
  8. Don't drink or eat
  9. Keep rubbish off the floor and from under your feet. Keep a rubbish bag in the car to dispose of any rubbish
  10. Wear safe, comfortable footwear, and don't remove shoes while driving

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